2023 Holiday Vinyl Reviews

Holy hell it’s already Thanksgiving season... which means it’s nearly time to stuff those stockings with your loved one’s favorite emo-core cheer — right beneath the fireplace! In case you didn’t pick up my sarcasm, FRIENDLY REMINDER: Vinyl is extremely flammable. Some in honor of Record Store Day’s Black Friday sale – others simply in honor of themselves – Craft Recordings sent Music Connection three pressings they knew we’d jump at the chance to review. As always, this is not a review of the music on the album, but the vinyl pressings themselves.

A Day To Remember - For Those Who Have Heart

While this isn’t the album they’ll be performing at next year’s When We Were Young fest, diehard fans often agree this is one of ADTR’s purest releases. And this 20-year repress, released Oct. 6th of this year, features a re-mix by Adam D (All That Remains, Underoath, Shadows Fall). I’ll admit, I’m not as intimately familiar with the original mix beyond my Spotify plays, but I did notice some good stereo imaging on this version along with some punchier percussion. Whatever the differences may be, this is sure to be a fun gift for ADTR purists to spin and/or frame! While my copy pictured is more of a caramel color, you can order a yellow swirl exclusive via Craft here. Wait, is mine the Craft exclusive? Guess you’ll have to buy a copy yourself and feel the wrath of vinyl pre-render mystery loot boxing!

Punk Goes Christmas - (45 RPM 2-LP set; Green Vinyl repress)

In honor of Record Store Day’s Black Friday sale on November 24th, Craft are releasing 7 re-presses, including a 10-year anniversary of Punk Goes Christmas. While I was pondering when I’ll be fortunate enough for Punk Goes Acoustic to celebrate 20 years with its first-ever pressing, I paused to realize this was probably the highest-quality print of the lot. Not a flashy vinyl itself, but at 45-rpm, the playback quality was a cut above. My only gripe is the missed opportunity for the second vinyl to be red. Green. Red. Missing this opportunity feels like Starbucks canceling Christmas all over again!!!! Either way, this press is limited to 4,500 units worldwide, so click here to see the other 6 RSD releases as well as how to find your local participating record store! 

The Maine - Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

This pressing marks the band’s 15th anniversary of Can’t Stop Won’t Stop and is set to release November 17th. I spun it twice and what can I say? The boy band with instruments sound pretty good on vinyl. The record itself was flat, it was black, I was a happy camper! … Don’t judge me. I like black wax, alright? For one, my dad doesn’t scoff when he visits. And two, it’s scientifically proven that while all these cool colors LOOK GREAT, they lower the audio fidelity! So no, I won’t apologize for being stoked I received the black pressing pictured below! Wait, I just googled it… apparently anything pressed this decade is all the same quality, irrespective of color. Well shit. While the Craft exclusive is already sold out, you can find pre-orders available at additional retailers here.

As mentioned above, Record Store Day’s annual Black Friday sale is Nov 24th. Find your participating store here and support the industry and small business! Double hat tip if you investigate which bands will actually see a kickback from their new pressings! 

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