The YouRock Guitar is a portable and powerful, fast tracking, low latency MIDI guitar. It is the first affordable digital/MIDI guitar on the market. Its patented fingerboard and electronics brings guitar players into the 21st century giving them access to modern music and recording technology previously only available to keyboard players. The guitar comes complete with a YRG GigBag and the newly released "RedHead" headstock.

Used by musicians and weekend warriors to connect to iPAD, MAC, PC and other mobile devices to create and record on the go.


The YouRock Guitar is compatible with most recording software and can be used with your favourite DAW.

For the Newbie, the YRG is the perfect starter guitar as it Never Needs Tuning (NNT) and has built in sounds and jam tracks, and never lets you play a wrong note.


YouRock Guitar/Inspired Instruments, Inc is on the forefront of the guitar revolution that is taking place. The company was founded with the idea that you should experience music creativity with innovative technology while having fun. We continue to get industry accolades with the YRG. Look for more information about YouRock Guitar on our website.