Yanni at the Alex Theatre in Glendale, CA

Wordly global superstar, Yanni stopped at the Alex Theatre in Glendale, CA Friday night as part of his PURE YANNI tour which features him solo on piano in an intimate venue. He is one of few artists whose music really is global as the music itself speaks without words. Yanni’s musical career spans four decades and in that time, he has had a number of TV specials and his Live At the Acropolis concert is the second best selling music concert of all time. He has played some of the most iconic parts of the world like the Taj Mahal in India, the Forbidden City of China, the pyramids of Egypt, and the Royal Albert Hall in the UK. On top of that, Yanni has had over 16 number-one albums on Billboard’s Top New Age Album chart. Yanni has also performed in more than 30 countries over five continents.

Just because this was an intimate show didn’t mean Yanni wasn’t giving a usual two-hour performance. Over his career, he has played for millions world-wide and to see him in a venue of just over 1,400 seats was very special. As Yanni stated before his show of storytelling and music, he wanted to see his fans since in large venues with the bright stage lights and orchestra, there’s a barrier between him and the audience. For this show, the house lights were left on. He started off by taking a few questions from the audience before performing solo on piano. Last year, Yanni celebrated the 25th anniversary of Live at the Acropolis with a massive tour.

Between each song or two, Yanni took questions from the audience as well as telling the story of the song that was being performed next. He performed songs from over his 40-year career including  “Felitsa,” “One Man’s Dream,” and ended with “Nostalgia.” For me personally, there is no other artist in the world like Yanni, and his music can’t easily be described since it includes so many different genres and combines classical instruments with drums, electric bass, guitar, and percussion. At the end, Yanni said he’ll return next year with his orchestra. Once the show concluded a fan came on stage to propose to his girlfriend and engagement was formed.