Troye Sivan at Hollywood Palladium - photo by Siri Svay

Troye Sivan at the Palladium in Los Angeles, CA

Music Connection caught a glimpse of Troye Sivan performing at South by Southwest earlier this year, and here, seven months later, we caught him on night two of sold-out shows at the Hollywood Palladium, where fans had lined up outside since the wee hours of the morning.

Sivan’s setlist consisted of the songs from his LP Blue Neighbourhood. Listening to the record, the swelling sounds of each song’s arrangement is so soothing and calming that someone may forgive having to drive in Los Angeles’ horrendous traffic every morning and every evening. Going further, seeing this collection live is definitely a treat as well.

Immediately after taking the stage, Sivan commanded the crowd with his sultry and seductive movements, almost like a hypnotic conductor of the choir that is the thousands of fans occupying the Palladium. Each audience member was screaming every lyric as he sang that they overpowered his vocals coming from the amps, impressive.

Sivan made sure to talk with his audience in between songs, sharing personal stories and connecting with them on a intimate level. He spoke about how he wasn’t the coolest kid in school, how he loved drama class, how he always dreamed of living in Los Angeles and now it’s coming true, how he wrote and admired his best friend producer Alex Hope (who then joined him for their duet “Blue”), how just last year he was playing at The Roxy (a much smaller venue) and how Capitol Records had presented him with a plaque commemorating Blue Neighbourhood being bought 1.5 million times and streamed one billion times.

This performance was more than just his album being played through its entirety because Sivan didn’t hesitate to incorporate new elements to spice things up. Overall, with lots of fog, colorful lights and a full band of drums, keys, guitar and backing female vocals, Sivan manifested an atmospheric, tranquil yet booming experience. Everything sound-wise felt bigger, pulsating through every heart in the Palladium, and certain songs had musical breakdowns for the audience to dance for a hot minute. The best example of this sensation was during the performance of “Happy Little Pill,” with added chiming tones, echoing vocals and brass instruments sounds. (This reviewer had only heard the stripped-down, acoustic version as opposed to the recorded one, so watching this performance was the first time hearing the real version.)

Sivan encored with the last song of the night: his current single, “Youth.” If the crowd wasn’t roaring before, it was now as everyone screamed at the top of their lungs to be heard. Not wanting to end the night on a stale note, the last few choruses of “Youth” were sped up, which led to one last musical breakdown, an eruption of a huge dance party. In this moment, Troye Sivan and his loyal fans became one entity to let go of all of their woes and have the time of their life.

Text and photos by Siri Svay

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