The Who Begins their Moving On! Tour in Buffalo, NY

The Who just kicked off their Moving On! Tour and I was thrilled to be able to catch an early date when they came through Buffalo, NY. This was the band my parents grew up loving, having told me stories of seeing them at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center when they were in high school (back in the early ’70s). It’s hard to get my head around finally being able to catch this show myself, some 45 years later. Sure, it was going to be a different experience, but it was without a doubt exceptional and incredibly memorable.

On this tour, The Who is bringing something quite unique to the stage, in the way of an orchestral accompaniment behind the band. The first thing I’d want to know is just how much this impacts the overall performance, as they’re hardly the first band to try this. Rest assured, it’s awesome! The orchestra never take the focus off the rock, and acts as more of an atmosphere to add some depth to the sound. This was especially awesome during “Eminence Front,” which turned out to be my favorite performance of the evening.

The set kicked off with a series of songs from The Who’s 1969 masterpiece, “Tommy,” featuring the first five tracks in succession before jumping ahead to “Pinball Wizard” and “We’re Not Gonna Take It.” After that, it became somewhat more of a greatest hits package, featuring hits like “Who Are You” and“Eminence Front.” Mid-set, the orchestra left the stage for a few straight-ahead band performances of“The Kids Are Alright” and “Substitute.” Before the orchestra rejoined, they performed a few acoustic numbers as well, including “Won’t Get Fooled Again” and “Behind Blue Eyes.”

The show finished off with performances of the smash hits “Love, Reign O’er Me” and “Baba O’Riley.”What a show! It seems impossible that Roger Daltry and Pete Townshend have been at this for 50 years now, but here we are, and they’re still filling arenas and bringing the classics. It’s sometimes hard to tell whether a band is going to rely on nostalgia to fill seats, or if they’re really going to show up and bring some magic to the show. In The Who’s case, it’s clearly the latter, as this performance was captivating from the moment they hit the stage. The orchestra was used perfectly and allowed the band to bring a richer sound than otherwise possible. I’ve you’ve had your tickets for months and you’re looking forward to your show, you won’t be disappointed. If you’re on the fence, especially if you’ve never seen The Who, go! Get your tickets and check this tour out. At 50 years strong, I’d be tempted to say you never know when your last opportunity might be, but Daltry and Townshend show no signs of stopping any time soon!

Setlist: Buffalo, NY–May 9th,2019

1. Overture

2. It’s a Boy


4. Amazing Journey

5. Sparks

6.  Pinball Wizard

7. We’re Not Gonna Take It

8. Who Are You

9. Eminence Front

10. Imagine a Man

11. Join Together

Without Orchestra:

12. The Kids Are Alright


14. Won’t Get Fooled Again (acoustic)

15.Behind Blue Eyes (acoustic)

16.Tea & Theatre (acoustic)

Orchestra Returns:

17. The Real Me

18. I’m One

19. The Punk and the Godfather

20. 5:15

21. Drowned

22. The Rock

23. Love, Reign O’er Me

24. Baba O’Riley