Our Last Night Come Home to L.A.

The maximum capacity at Chain Reaction in Anaheim is 240 people, at least, that’s what the sign amongst the hundreds of merch from bands past reads. The venue is so small that even after arriving late, one can find themselves 10 feet from the stage. It’s so small that you can feel the energy thrumming through the room, and the excitement is almost visible. It’s the kind of venue that plays into the performance almost as much as the band on the stage to create a feeling sorely lacking from much larger venues, and it is the perfect fit for the night as it is the final show of the Younger Dreams tour and Our Last Night is coming home.

The band—originally hailing from the Northeast—has been touring for eight years, and it shows as lead singer Trevor Wentworth commanded the crowd with an ease that only comes from many years of performance. In fact, having set out on their first tour at such a young age—the youngest being 13 years old, the eldest being 19 years old—you could say that they grew up onstage. Playing a mix of songs from across their discography as well as a couple of covers well-known from their YouTube channel, OLN put on a show that got the entire room moving and sweating.

The highlight of the evening came from their performance of “Home.” The sentiment of returning home screamed back to the band during their final show while their family and friends watched from the side of the stage induced goosebumps. It was one of those ephemeral moments that can’t be captured through video or word, which is the magic of live performance. In that moment, concertgoers truly witnessed a band come home.

Needless to say, Our Last Night has everything going for them. Presence, talent and the grassroots grown following, and it’s only a matter of time before they find themselves another band with a shirt on the walls of Chain Reaction who have graduated to much larger stages.

Text and photos by Victoria Patneaude

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