New Toys: iZotope RX 11 Audio Restoration Software

The de facto standard, iZotope RX is used on dub stages, audio postproduction, and by anyone who wants the absolute best product for audio troubleshooting, forensics and repair. 

iZotope, a part of Native Instruments, has released its latest version of its highly respected audio software, RX 11. RX 11 is not just an upgrade of the prior version, but also includes altogether new standalone and plugin tools, and as you might expect, A.I. plugins are part of the package. 

There are too many new enhancements to detail here and check the bundle to see if what you need is included, but here are some highlights: the Dialogue Isolate module has been overhauled with a “new neural network” and now includes Dialogue De-Reverb, allowing you to control noise and unwanted reverb in real time. It is available in RX Standard for the first time, and the highest-quality mode is reserved for RX Advanced.

The new Loudness Optimize module features a “smart learn function,” that analyzes every opportunity to optimize your song to sound its loudest and best. This promises an unequaled approach for controlling the LUFS algorithm to maximize your music’s perceived loudness for streaming platforms. 

The new Streaming Preview module lets you hear how different services like Spotify, or Apple Music will adjust your music, so there are no surprises after release.

Music Rebalance is described as a “cutting-edge neural network” that allows you to easily create instrumentals and vocal stems from a full mix, prep for a remix, or make changes when you don’t have access to the stems.

The Repair Assistant includes upgraded machine learning for improved quality and speed, and additional controls for more flexibility.

And like previous versions, it is available in four different bundles. The entry level bundle Elements, comes in at a price point of $99. The next tier, Standard, is bundled at $399. RX 11 Advanced is available at $1,199. And finally, Post Production Suite is listed at $1,799.

Note: As I was writing this, RX 11.1.0 Update was released. This update adds new ARA host support for RX Spectral Editor ARA, which brings the spectrogram into the DAW. De-Clip, De-click, and De-hum has been added to the Spectral Editor. This is available in Presonus Studio One, and will be in the next update of Avid Pro Tools.