Jay Som at Pitckfork

Jay Som at the Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago, IL

Day two of Pitchfork Music Festival was a rainy one. On the Blue Stage, Jay Som was the last band to play before the festival had to be evacuated due to the weather, and I can honestly say, it wasn’t a bad way of going out.

Kicking off her set with song “Baybee” from the album Everybody Works, Jay Som frontwoman, Melina Duterte filled the stage with mellow vibes. The crowd was relaxed and full of ease as she delicately sang the amazing song. Duterte continued the set with some tracks from her upcoming album, Anak Ko, out Aug. 23, including “Tenderness,” a love song full of longing, and “Night Time Drive,” a hit about touring and life on the road.

Anak Ko is Jay Som’s highly anticipated sophomore album, and her performance on day two of the festival was an exciting sneak peek of what Anak Ko has to offer fans. The set was light, friendly, fun and a nice conclusion to the afternoon heat.

The set finished with fan favorites, “The Bus Song” and “Pirouette,” both of which had the audience dancing and lead guitarist, Oliver Pinnell, sharing his Juul with bass player Dylan Allard.