Daniel Caesar at Panorama Music Festival at Randall's Island NY

On July 23, Daniel Caesar essentially headlined Panorama Music Festival unintentionally.

He brought the sunshine, only briefly, after a large downpour that had concert-goers soaking wet. It was after his set that the large-scale festival was effectively canceled for the day due to severe weather conditions, all of us missing out on performances from Dua Lipa, The Weeknd, and The War On Drugs.

Caesar stepped up to the challenge and delivered a sensual, final performance on the main stage. With background visuals projecting a vintage aesthetic of home videos, Caesar and his backing band were the perfect mixture of pop contemporary along with his own spin on nostalgia through beautiful melodies and harmonies.

The set began with single "Japanese Denim" about the long-lasting love for a significant other, then transitioning into song, "Violet" off of EP Praise Break that speaks of Caesar's pursuit for his dreams. Caesar's entire set was truly sincere and profound, and I could really relate with his lyricism. The crowd favorite that had us all singing along, "Best Part" resonated deeply, lyrics like "Where you go I follow, no matter how far, if life is a movie, then you're the best part" making us think of loved ones, past or present.

The set concluded with the funky R&B track, "Get You" which successfully showed Caesar's vocal range, going from soft and delicate, to a more straightforward speaking tone. This song echoed his entire set well, continuing a common theme of genuine and honest love.

Overall, Daniel Caesar had a way of making me feel like there was something missing through his music, but that empty space could be filled with a love as sweet as the ones he sings about. Caesar and his backing band are the image of cohesion, and worked so well together to really illuminate authentic music.