Creating Woodstock Screening

Creating Woodstock Screening Q&A at the GRAMMY Museum

As part of the GRAMMY Museum’s Reel-To-Reel series, the museum hosted a very special evening with a screening of Creating Woodstock as well as a Q&A. With this month seeing the 50th anniversary of the festival, it was the perfect time to have such an event. Creating Woodstock took over 25 years to make. The film took us through how Woodstock came to be and had many interviews with the festival's founders and organizers. The documentary was more about how the festival was put together rather than revolving around the artists that played and included many stories on how it came to be. One of my favorite moments was when Jimi Hendrix landed and exited off the plane to go to Woodstock, he hitched a ride from a local to the festival grounds. The film ended with an "In Memoriam" segment of all the interviewees and performers that had passed.

Following the film was a Q&A with some of the original Woodstock team; Mick Richards (film director and Woodstock attendee), Joel Rosenman (partner in Woodstock Ventures and producer of the original Woodstock festival), John Morris (Head of Production of the original festival), Eric Morris (film producer), and Bill Belmont (Artist Coordinator of Woodstock). The interview was conducted by the GRAMMY Museum’s founding Executive Director Bob Santelli.

After the Q&A, all the speakers as well as legendary poster artist, David Edward Byrd signed Woodstock DVDs and posters.