Club Nokia Hosts Guitar Center’s 27th Annual Drum Off

Sometimes drummers don’t get enough attention. They’re way in the back on the stage and are usually covered up by the literal face of the band (A.K.A. the lead singer). If they’re attractive, they get paid attention to for their looks rather than their talent, however, Guitar Center does a commendable job of dedicating their annual Drum Off competition to an instrument that can easily be looked over.

Text by Heather Allen
Photos by Siri Svay

Guitar Center started their 27th search for the next great, and possibly legendary, drummer at the beginning of August 2015 and narrowed the extremely talented group of contestants down to five percussionists to compete in a final drum off. Club Nokia in Downtown Los Angeles housed the epic finale on Saturday, Jan. 16, where the contestants brought their game and the judges—featuring Rascal Flatts’ Jim Riley, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers’ Steve Ferrone, 2002 Drum Off winner Queen Cora and more—faced the difficult task of choosing a winner.

The 2016 lineup consisted of five remarkable drummers that each brought their own techniques, personalities and overall musicality to their performance. Each one had distinct traits and not one was less memorable than the rest.

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