ZT Lunchbox Guitar


About the Product:

The ZT Lunchbox guitar amplifier is the most compact, lightweight gig-worthy amp on the market.

Think about this: toss this 9 ½ pound amp in a bag and throw it over your shoulder, pick up your guitar, and go play a show. It’s as easy as that.

This amp pushes 200 watts. It’s loud enough to get up over your drummer AND it can power an external cabinet (go ahead, plug it into a 4x12 and you’ll be very surprised).

No other amp offers such convenience to gigging musicians. Plus, the Lunchbox actually delivers great tone (it’s used by professionals in studio as well as on stage) and takes pedals with ease. So kick in that Big Muff and look out!

• Ambience effect (open-back cabinet simulation)
• Variable Headphone/DI Output
• Custom Ultra-High Performance 6.5" Speaker, Switchable
• External Speaker Output (8 ohms min.) – drives a 4x12 cabinet!
• Aux Input on 1/8" Stereo Jack
• Voltage switch 115V/230V

System Design:
• 200W Class A/B Power Amplifier
• Ultra-low latency circuit for player responsiveness
• Pure analog front-end, with diode overdrive capability
• Proprietary dynamic tone shaping
• Vintage modeled tone stack
• Class A/B output stage with unregulated linear supply
• Sealed-box speaker tuning

Dimensions: 7.5" x 9.8" x 4.4"/192mm x 250mm x 112mm
Weight: 9.5 lbs./4.3kg
Peak Output: 120 dB at 1 meter
Controls: Volume, Gain, Tone, Ambience, Line Out/Headphone Level

MSRP: $399


About ZT:

ZT is a young company focused on rethinking the design and performance of guitar amplifiers. We believe that really great-sounding, high-output amps can be made smaller through the use of advanced technology. Our goal is to make life easier for musicians by providing professional quality, easily portable amps with live performance-level output capability. Musicians from beginner to professional have adopted ZT products as an integral part of their working lifestyle, both in recording and live settings.
With ZT, power meets portability.