Do you know when your music is being used without a license? TuneSat does.

TuneSat provides valuable information for labels, musicians, composers and more to show non-authorized uses of your music copyrights on TV and the Internet. TuneSat currently monitors hundreds of TV channels in the US and Europe along with millions of websites worldwide. TuneSat data has already helped writers, publishers, and all rightsholders collect millions of dollars that would otherwise have gone uncollected.

TuneSat fingerprints your music, offering you access to the data in real time! With TuneSat, you'll unlock the true value and earning potential of all your music. Online sign-up is easy and the cost is affordable for all rightsholders, starting as small as ten tracks per month.

TuneSat is a revolutionary technology that offers a simple solution to the overwhelming challenges of inaccurate performance reporting, lost royalty payments and copyright infringement. TuneSat lets you know exactly when and where your audio content is being performed on hundreds of television broadcasts around the globe, in the dirtiest of audio environments. Since launching in 2009, TuneSat has helped rightsholders collect millions of dollars that would otherwise have been lost or undiscovered without the essential detection data.

TuneSat clients include some of the world's leading record labels, artists, managers, music publishers, music libraries, and many others who need to monitor and protect the broadcast use of their music on TV and the Internet.


TuneSat’s simple, powerful interface allows users to view their data in real-time, with customizable views, enabling rightsholders to maximize their revenue stream.

This week’s Friday Freebie is 6 months of free TuneSat TV monitoring service, worldwide, for up to 10 tracks of Popular music, OR for up to 25 tracks of Production Music. Valued at $400, prize is subject to TuneSat's terms and conditions, which can be found