Theta Sound Studio


Randall Michael Tobin, Music Producer/Engineer at Theta Sound Studio, will mix one song from your discrete recorded tracks ($1500 value). Randall is the founder of Theta Sound Studio in Burbank, California, which opened its doors in the Los Angeles area in 1977 and has been consistently booked ever since. Randall has recorded, mixed and/or mastered recordings for artists such as Mel Carter and Harriet Schock, as well as engineering and producing tracks/albums for hundreds of independent singer/songwriters and bands. (The winner's audio files can be delivered on CD/DVD via mail or by an online large-file service.)


Randall Michael Tobin founded Theta Sound Studio for the production of his own songs and compositions. But it wasn't long until the music was heard by others resulting in requests for recording, mixing and production. The first paying client was in August of 1977 and the music has been non-stop ever since. Theta Sound was never about the gear or the glitz, it was and still is about the sound and the music. It's also about the creative, comfortable space in the studio that lets artists be at their best when performing and listening to their work. Being an experienced songwriter, composer, arranger, singer and multi-instrumentalist has certainly given Randall an edge when it comes to working on other people's projects, and his vocal sound has been praised by platinum singer/songwriter, Harriet Schock. Randall loves all kinds of music but is particularly fond of the emotion that can be generated by great songs with a strong message, performed with passion. His mission as a mixer/producer is to let the message come through loud and clear while keeping the mix dynamic and focused.