I See Stars on All Hallow's Eve

Those who attended the sold out "Started From the Bottom Now We Here" show at Whisky A Go Go on Halloween night were in for a treat. No tricks. Michigan boys, I See Stars, headlined the show and gave a fantastic performance.


Their strongest suit is their incredible energy - the overall performance feels like a dance party where everyone can just go nuts. With spot-on vocals, synchronized dancing (made popular by most Michigan bands), blaring dubstep music, and colorful light show, I See Stars know how to get a crowd moving. The only downside of this dance party environment is the amount of fog used in the band's set. The fog machine adds to the aesthetic but detracts from connecting with the band because you can barely see the act.

On record, Devin Oliver (clean vocals) has crazy melodies and high notes that would be impressive to hear live, but the times I've seen I See Stars before, he usually backs out on the notes. I'm happy to report that on Halloween, Devin went for it and rocked his vocals. I also praise him for his introduction of "Murder Mitten," as he opened up to the crowd about his dealing with an alcoholic mother.


The set consisted of a half-and-half split between old tracks and new ones from their latest release, New Demons. This gave I See Stars a chance to capture new fans as well as cater to loyal supports who have been, as Devin stated, "with them from the start." Even though they played older songs, they added remix elements, such as dubstep and a mashups, which made the tracks more entertaining.

I See Stars' new album, New Demons, is available for purchase in store and on iTunes.

Review and photos by Siri Svay

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