Signing Story: Agriculture

Date Signed: January 2023 Label: The Flenser Band Members: Dan Meyer, guitar, vocals; Leah B. Levinson, bass, vocals; Richard Chowenhill, guitar; Kern Haug, percussion Type of Music: Ecstatic Black Metal Management: N/A Booking: N/A Legal: N/A Publicity: Stephanie Marlow, [email protected] Web: A&R: N/A Los Angeles-based metal band Agriculture can count all the shows they’ve played on the four band members’ fingers and toes. That makes it easy to remember their worst concert. “Our guitarist Richard [Chowenhill’s] amp stopped working halfway through the second song,” guitarist-vocalist Dan Meyer recalls of the gig. “It was the worst possible timing.” Even worse, Jonathan Tuite, founder of experimental-music label The Flenser, … Continue reading Signing Story: Agriculture