The Re-Birth of Lisa Marie Presley


Lisa Marie Presley is headed to Englewood, NJ for a concert at the Bergen Performing Arts Center on Oct. 10th.  Presley hits the east coast after a remarkable performance at the Levitt Shell in Memphis on Sept. 21st, the first venue where her father performed professionally on July 30, 1954.

Her current tour highlights her latest album "Storm and Grace," her third album and deepest work yet. It is an unapologetic exploration of her own brand of country and blues, returning to her southern roots seven years after releasing her last album. Her new creations have an organic rock feel, with deeply emotional lyrics that are not overproduced nor sugar coated. On stage, she is similarly spontaneous, choosing to be herself and play her music from the heart rather than put on an act for the crowd.

On her Sept. 1st performance at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles, Presley recognized a brother and sister duo who cover her songs on YouTube standing in the first row and invited them onstage. Her husband, Michael Lockwood, handed his guitar to 12-year-old Scott and the duo sang “I’ll Figure It Out." Lisa Marie, mother of four, including four-year-old twins currently on tour with her, showed her gracious maternal side supporting the admirable performance of Scott and his 16-year-old sister Nicole anxiously standing on stage. Lisa also acknowledged her maternal grandparents, who sat in attendance alongside Priscilla.


With every excuse not to be humble nor create genuine music, Presley finds the perfect honest place in her music and translates her persona clearly to her fans. Her newest work was produced by 12-time Grammy Award-winner T-Bone Burnett, a man who Presley described as a father figure and as someone who took her under his wings, believing in her during the whole recording process.

Presley's humanitarian and philanthropic nature is also expressed on tour as she encourages fans to support and sponsor children through the "World Vision" Charity. She makes sure a table is set up at each of her shows to encourage fans to get directly involved in the international affair.

Review by Daniel Rauch; Photos by Paula Tripodi

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