Queensyrche starring Geoff Tate to play House of Blues


On Thursday, April 3, House of Blues, West Hollywood, will host a night of progressive heavy metal when Queensryche featuring Geoff Tate perform the critically acclaimed 1988 album, Operation: Mindcrime, for the 25th anniversary of its release. Geoff Tate ranked as one heavy metal’s leading male vocalists and considered “the voice” of Queensryche, along with a stellar lineup of musicians, have received accolades from audiences for their performance of the concept rock opera.  It’s no secret that Queensryche has had their share of controversy over the years with personnel issues. In 2012 Geoff Tate announced a new lineup and would tour as Queensryche starring Geoff Tate the Original Voice to distinguish them. We were able to catch up with Geoff by phone in between tour dates. We wanted to know how the tour was going and to chat a bit about what’s behind one of the greatest voices in heavy metal today.

Photo credit belongs to Renee Silverman