PhantomFocus eChairs™

PhantomFocus eChairs™ Finding Their Way Into Audio Students College Dorms
- Not Just For The Studio Anymore -

"I became spoiled working at the console in the eChair during class so it just made sense to have one at my desk back in the dorm." - Audio Student Dom Mytare, MTSU

Multi-award-winning engineer Ed Cherney comments on his eChair™:
"I found a chair that goes high and low, tilts forward and back, swivels smooth, and supports my lower vertebrae. At the end of a long day in the studio, many days I used to limp home. With my new PhantomFocus eChair™ I feel as good at the end of a session as I did at the downbeat."

Revolutionary new recording engineers chair now available in three color combinations at shop.carltatzdesign