Novation Music: Novation TWITCH

Novation TWITCH is a DJ controller with a completely new take on DJing. You can slice-up your tracks and mix them back together – totally on the fly.

Take hold of your music:

TWITCH has Touchstrips; simply grab your tracks and swipe them backwards and forwards like a touchscreen. The performance modes create totally new ways to manipulate beats and breaks. The control surface - with its 2 x 8 trigger pads and fader FX - opens up awesome possibilities for digital DJs and the new breed of ‘Controllerists’.
It comes with Serato ‘ITCH’ – powerful DJ software that only works with select hardware controllers. As well as being rock-solid and simple touse, ITCH has totally new performance tools that take digital DJing to the next level. TWITCH has been developed with Serato to put ITCH’s full potential right at your fingertips. It also works with other DJ software like Traktor and Ableton.


Novation info:

Novation specializes in designing analogue modeling synthesizers and high quality MIDI keyboards and controllers, including the ‘Launchpad’ Ableton Live controller, the publicly revered ‘SLMkII’ keyboard series, the ‘UltraNova’ synthesizer, and most recently, the Impulse USB MIDI Controller. Novation are also becoming recognized for their Digital DJ controllers; ‘Dicer’ and ‘Twitch’. The product range continues to receive critical acclaim from the music press and win numerous awards for outstanding technology and usability. Our innovative tools for producers and performers has marked Novation out as a firm favorite of professional and aspiring musicians alike.