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Via Music Xray's partnership with Music Connection, we're giving everyone who signs up a promocode worth $4 and two lucky winners will get a $300 credit enabling them to submit their music to many industry professionals.

When you upload your music for free, we automatically match your tracks to real industry opportunities. Then we give you direct access to the decision makers. Then we guarantee they listen & respond. No, seriously!


We're excited to welcome you to direct access to over 1300 industry decision makers.

The digital age has changed nearly every aspect of the music business. A&R has come into the 21st century too.

By opening an account, you are automatically credited with $4 to spend at Music Xray getting your music to the decision makers. Additionally, you will receive another $4 by using this promocode at checkout: MC2012


Briefly stated, Music Xray matches your songs to industry opportunities at no cost.

Then, we give you direct access to the decision makers.

Then we GUARANTEE they listen and respond. No, seriously!

Or, just open an account.

You can even create an account instantly using your Facebook ID, your Google ID or even better, your Soundcloud ID. Don't worry, we never see your passwords.

What? Is this legit?

Here's some info about Music Xray


Music Xray is a platform where musicians, songwriters, performers, and bands connect with verified music industry professionals who seek songs and acts for real industry opportunities.It is not uncommon for 50 to 70 songs and acts to be chosen for opportunities each day!Some of the opportunities are modest, like having your song added to rotation at a radio station. Others are big, like having your song placed in a major motion picture, having them licensed in shows on MTV, NBC, Bravo, BBC and more.

On Music Xray, nearly a dozen singers have placed themselves as contestants on the popular NBC show "The Voice" and bands like w.e.r.m. have gotten themselves signed to major labels (Universal).

The site is what you make of it. Mostly, it's about you, your music and the relationships you establish with music industry professionals.

Read about some success stories here

You can get in touch with the bands behind them to verify their authenticity.

Simply opening an account & uploading your music could change your career

An additional feature of Music Xray is the world's most advanced music search engine which is exclusively available to the over 1300 industry professionals who use the site every day to find new music.Even if you never submit your music to be considered for any opportunities, we will alert you when your tracks appear in search results and if they are passed over. If you aren't getting the traction you feel you deserve, we help you understand why.


Be sure to see this short animated video about why Music Xray is becoming one of the fastest growing companies in the new music industry.