Meet the Echo and the Sound


One of the most promising up-and-coming bands in L.A. is the dark and broody rock and roll Tarantino-esque two-piece The Echo and The Sound. Brian Rich and Doug Jewell recorded their first EP in 2013 at Station House Studios in Echo Park engineered by Mark Rains.

“We had practiced the songs on the EP pretty intensely, so when we went in to record, we were well prepared and able to bang it out in two days, recording and mixing,” Rich says.


Brian describes their music with a dreamy story about Bob Dylan and Sam Shepard getting into a fist fight while drinking in a desert cantina, thus, the style "Gothic-Cantina" was born to classify their genre.

The punk duo, who recently played at Hemingway’s Lounge in Hollywood, has great chemistry on stage and set the house on fire without any needs for a bass player.

“We reckon that for the sound and effect we want our music to have, we've got the right formula going. We've auditioned bass players in the past but found it a little too cluttered and that it interfered with the musical dynamic me and Brian had going,” Jewell says.


Doug got in the band thanks to Craigslist. He found himself drunk enough one night to care about looking for ads saying “Drummer Wanted” online. He listened to The Echo and The Sound demo and only responded to that ad. Brian hit him up the next day and asked him to get the five songs off the demo ready to audition.

Now the band is ready to take over the world with their gothic rock n’ roll, “You can’t kill us unless we quit."

Text and photos by Paula Tripodi

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