Local Natives Come Home to Rock the Greek Theatre

Text by Daniel Rauch
Local Natives stopped by their hometown of Los Angeles to mark the end of summer with one of 2013’s most inspired performances. Before touring the US and Europe and enriching the music scene with sublime and lucid albums, Local Natives were friends from an Orange County high school who formed a band. Saving up enough money to move into a house in Silverlake, the group cut their first album, Gorilla Manor. Just a few years before the international recognition and sold-out shows, the Natives rocked out at Silverlake Lounge, Spaceland and a number of other spots where local acts cut their chops.



The group ascended from the local scene after cutting their second album, Hummingbird, produced by Aaron Dessner from the National. With the same genuine energy and non-commercial attitude they bring to their studio tracks, Local Natives crushed the Greek theatre on Friday, September 13th, in preparation for their upcoming European tour. Guitarist and singer Taylor Rice interrupted the moonlit show to share with the audience how special it was to play a full house in front of his hometown. Layers of guitars and heartfelt vocals left the L.A. crowd lifted by the magical performance.
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