LA Sight Singer

Are you tired of being fearful of sight reading? Do you rely on the singer next to you for your note? Do you know music theory but are still confused? Would you like a hands-on approach and a way to practice from the comfort of your own location?

Take a look at this step by step program which walks you through a very simple process!!

Discover the many advantages of sightsinging, the ability to read and sing written music. As a top Los Angeles based session singer, Gerald White recognized that many singers, professional and recreational alike, needed to develop this essential skill, yet no program existed that was readily available. Through his vast experience as a professional singer, an in-demand vocal coach, and accomplished music teacher, he created Gerald White's L.A. Sightsinger®, an innovative, yet simple program that teaches singers of any level to read music.

He credits his ability to sightsing as one of the keys to his successful career as a session singer. His voice is heard by millions weekly on the hit TV show Glee, and on blockbuster films such as Avatar, Spiderman, and X-Men. Formerly available only to the Los Angeles professional singing community, this method is now available for the first time online! Whether you are a working professional, a choral
singer, or an aspiring songwriter, master the technique of sightsinging and discover a world of opportunities, while taking your skill and confidence to new levels.


The regular monthly membership is $14.99 per month if you want to continue after the year special.