Keeley Time Machine Boost

The Keeley Time Machine Boost w/power supply

All of the best guitar boost tones from the past to the present !


The LegendaryTones

Time Machine Boost® is a professional dual-channel, four-way boost pedal designed to maximize the tone of your existing guitar and amplifier. By offering two unique modes of vintage-style boosts, as well as a modern, transparent clean boost with a further toggle option for added drive, the Time Machine Boost helps you deliver an expressive and diverse range of tones. From the blues, rock and roll, and fusion tones of the '60s and '70s, to a range of contemporary sounds and styles found in today's music, the Time Machine Boost is an indispensable link to help bring out the most from virtually any guitarist's rig. The Time Machine Boost is the Ultimate Rhythm and Lead boost!


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