Hip Hop Composer


Hip Hop Composer v1.0 Refill Collection

Hip Hop Composer v1.0 is the new Reason 5 refill pack from Goodness Gracious Productions, Inc. and Quicktrackz Entertainment. Perfectly matched for today's Hip Hop, Electronic and Dance producers, HHC is its own virtual workstation of sounds. This huge collection comes packed as two refills totaling 3.7GB and is made up of Leads, Basses, Pads, Keys, Strings, Horns, Arpeggios and Drums. Right out of the box, HHC instruments have been layered and crafted for a thicker, radio-ready feel over other sound libraries that may need a lot of mixing or tweaking to fit your song. With patches ranging from layered Combinators to NNXT, Malstrom, Subtractor, Thor, Redrum and Kong, HHC has the capabilities to fulfill any songwriter's needs. More info can be found at: www.HipHopComposer.com


- Two Reason 5 Refills – A total of 3.7GB Packed (over 8GB unpacked 48k samples)

- Complete with Drums, Leads, Basses, Keys, Pads, Strings, Brass, Bells and Arpeggio Instruments

- Featuring playable instruments patches in Kong, Combinator, NNXT, Malstrom, Subtractor, Thor and Redrum formats

- Over 700 One-Shot Drum and Percussion samples

34 different HHC Drum Kits with discrete samples

437 HHC Combinator Patches

154 HHC NNXT Patches

105 HHC Thor Patches

45 HHC Kong Drum Kits

70 HHC Redrum Drum Kits

85 HHC Subtractor Patches

98 HHC Malstrom Patches

992 total Reason 5 Patches


*Reason 5 (not included) required.

*Hip Hop Composer v.1.0.1 Refills will not work with earlier versions of Reason or other samplers.


Company Info:

Hip Hop Composer v1.0 is the collaborative creation of Goodness Gracious Productions, Inc. and Quicktrackz Entertainment. Both companies are local staples to the Miami Florida area working with local artists, musicians, studios and songwriters. Keep an eye out for new sound and loop libraries coming soon. More info can be found at: