GoGo Tuners

5 WINNERS of the GoGo Tuners - Retail value $69.99


The GoGo by GoGo Tuners is a simple, easy to use True-Bypass pedal tuner with a giant screen that can’t be missed on the darkest of stages. With The GoGo’s super accuracy and a built in “power out” to power other pedals the GoGo is essential for your pedal board.

The GoGo works for guitar and bass handling alternate and drop tuning perfectly. The easy to see “big-screen” features GoGo’s signature “Green You’re In, Red You’re Out” technology makes tuning on a gig or practice easy and fast.

When the GoGo pedal is switched off, it doesn’t interfere with the original instrument’s tone due to it’s true bypass switching. The pedal runs on a single 9V battery or can be used with an AC/DC adapter.

GoGo Tuners is proud to present the latest step (pun intended) in their mission to have players play in tune!


GoGo Tuners is an American company started by long time professional musicians that specializes in instrument tuners. With a focus on ease of use, readability, durability and accuracy, GoGo has quickly risen to be the go-to tuner of many touring professionals and a favorite of casual players. GoGo’s signature “Green You’re In, Red You’re Out” screen makes tuning quick and easy.