GOGO Pedal

We are giving away (3) sets of the full collection of our tuners $143.97 Value x (3)

GoGo Pedal $70

Caliber Clip On Tuner $29.99

TT-1 Clip On Tuner $25.99

Tiki Uke Tuner $17.99



GOGO Pedal

The GoGo by GoGo Tuners is a simple, easy to use True-Bypass pedal tuner with a giant screen that can’t be missed on the darkest of stages. With The GoGo’s super accuracy and a built in “power out” to power other pedals the GoGo is essential for your pedal board.

The GoGo works for guitar and bass handling alternate and drop tuning perfectly. The easy to see “big-screen” features GoGo’s signature “Green You’re In, Red You’re Out” technology makes tuning on a gig or practice easy and fast. When the GoGo pedal is switched off, it doesn’t interfere with the original instrument’s tone due to it’s true bypass switching. The pedal runs on a single 9V battery or can be used with an AC/DC adapter.
The GoGo Pedal Tuner sell's for the price of $69.99


GoGo Caliber, Tiki and TT-1 Clip On Tuners

GoGo's signature "Green you're in, Red you're out" binary/yes/no tuning system used in the GoGo stomp pedal chromatic tuner works just as well in their three clip-on tuners:

the TT-1, Caliber and the Tiki tuner for ukuleles. All three tuners clip to the headstock of your instrument to read the vibrations of any well-made musical instrument.

The rubberized clip allows for a secure grip for accurate detection that nullifies interference when tuning on loud stages.

The TT-1 and Caliber have a switch for detecting pitch using either the internal mic or the vibration sensor. The pitch reference ranges from 430Hz to 450Hz in 1Hz steps if your music is NOT referenced to standard A=440Hz. Both the Caliber and TT-1 have 360-degree swivel mounts, automatic power off, 0.5cent tuning accuracy over a wide range from A0 (27.5Hz) to C8 (4186Hz) and switchable to chromatic tuning. The TT-1 and Caliber tuners have bass, violin and viola tuning ranges and the Caliber has an extra heavy rubber black case.

The smaller Tiki tuner is especially designed to tune Ukes in the key of C or D and chromatic.
These tuners work simply, offer features usually only available in more expensive tuners but, more importantly, keep a musician's focus more on music making and less on tuning exactitude all the time.


GoGo Tuners is an American company started by long time professional musicians that specializes in instrument tuners. With a focus on ease of use, readability, durability and accuracy, GoGo has quickly risen to be the go-to tuner of many touring professionals and a favorite of casual players. GoGo’s signature “Green You’re In, Red You’re Out” screen makes tuning quick and easy.