Fashionably Late Tour Show Review

It was a cool night on Friday, Sept. 27, 2013 at the Roxy Theater, and fans anxiously waited in line to see R&B up-and-comer Travis Garland, who is currently promoting his recently released self-titled album.
When I arrived at the Roxy, it was packed. Unfortunately I missed a majority of opening act, Dylan Chamber, but from what I saw of the last two songs, he exhibited commendable vocals and entertained the audience with ease. I even heard a couple of audience members outside the Roxy mistake his voice for Travis'.
Thomas Fiss and his band took the stage next and received a welcoming response from the audience – their pop rock sound got the crowd moving, dancing and waving their arms to the music. Fiss and company played original songs as well as two new ones, which the audience loved. The musicians had great energy, and I think having a full band performance was a nice change of pace between the two acoustic acts.
Eddie Gomez played an acoustic set as well, and it was his first time on tour. He put on a reputable first time performance. I wouldn’t have known it was his first tour. He established a casual and conversational relationship with the audience and played songs with heartfelt lyrics about love, heartbreak and revenge, which allowed the audience to easily relate. Gomez also played a couple of cover songs (the most well-known being “Locked Out of Heaven” by Bruno Mars), which won the audience over.
I will admit that I have been a big fan of Travis Garland for about five or six years now, so I had high expectations for seeing him live for the first time. I’m pleased to report that he exceeded those expectations. His set consisted of songs from his recent self-titled album, a song from his former boy band, NLT, a song he’s recorded with JoJo, and a cover of Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing.” I, along with numerous other fans, enjoyed his incorporation of NLT's song "That Girl," as it allowed me to reminisce how I discovered his talent. Garland knows how to put on a show and delivered memorable entertainment.  He easily engaged the audience with his strong vocals and sensual dance moves. In addition to his individual performance, the band added a little bit of blues, which I really liked.  Overall it was pleasantly refreshing to hear that Travis and his band sound just as good, if not better, live than on record.  Travis' self-titled album released on iTunes Sept. 10, 2013 and is also available for purchase on tour.
Photos and review by Siri Svay
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