ETID / Letlive Take Over Hollywood


December 3 could have been just another Tuesday in Hollywood… but Every Time I Die and Letlive had to come to town and fuck it all up… if you weren't there, you missed one hell of a party.

Code Orange Kids opened the show with high-energy, brutal Pittsburgh punk/metal but were quickly forgotten once Letlive strummed their first chord. Jason Butler (pictured) and company took the Roxy by storm, allowing fans to dance on stage, mosh on the floor and everything in between—the lead singer physically buried himself in guitar amps, played a drum solo on ETID's drum set, backflipped to and from the stage and head banged with fans… all in the first 15 minutes of the performance. Fellow bandmates showcased equal amounts of energy, as each member bled into the crowd, allowing hysterical fans to share in the moment. It only made sense that Letlive would cover Black Flag's "Fix Me" as the group demonstrated heavy punk rock influence in both their music and their delivery. It felt like more than a show. It felt like family.


Once the Letlive rubble was cleared, headliners Every Time I Die reminded the L.A. scene what Buffalo Hardcore is all about. Keith Buckley (pictured) praised the crowd for their loyalty and seemed intent on keeping the party going. His screams were infectious and his tenacity impressive. Rhythm guitarist Andy Williams didn't seem so enthused by the crowd's energy, however, as he flipped off stage divers and faced his amp most of the set. While no encore was given, none was needed. This show packed enough of a guttural punch to keep the Hollywood strip's ears ringing for the remainder of the evening.

Photos by Justin Deguzman
Words by Andy Mesecher

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