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Eclectic Lady Land
 Recording Ranch, LLC

Eclectic Lady, Eclectic Studio and An Eye-Popping Estate Up For Sale: Branding herself as “Gramma Rikki,” Rikki Swin ( is a fast emerging indie artist with a retro-Beatlesque vibe whose debut single “You”—from her album Blind Leading the Blind—hit #1 on the fan-interactive National Radio Hits AC40 chart and earned a “Favorite Single Nomination” from the 2019 Independent Music Network Awards. Her follow-up single, “Earth Ship,” nominated for Mainstream Breakout Single, is rising on that same chart alongside smashes by The Jonas Brothers, Shawn Mendes with Camila Cabello and Taylor Swift.

Swin started her career in the music industry in the ‘70s, building six separate studios in the Chicagoland area, hosting everyone from Gregg Allman to Scotty Moore. Since 2009, she has owned and operated one of the Pacific Northwest’s premier state-of-the-art all-digital independent recording studios, Eclectic Lady Land Recording Ranch, LLC—which is located on her currently for sale, sprawling and picturesque 11 acre estate located amid a lush forest in the Mount Dallas area of San Juan Island, Washington, 90 miles north of Seattle. She and chief producer-engineer Darvis Taylor have recorded everything from hip-hop to rock, jazz and classical, with clients ranging from local high school students and hobbyist musicians to two-time Grammy-winning producer Adam Kasper (Foo Fighters). Swin and Taylor have recently developed a revolutionary, intricate 4D Acoustics pitch and timing modulation technology that helps bring vocal performances closer to perfection.

Ideal Location for Artist Retreat: The estate, including the studio, is currently on the market, with an asking price of $4.7 million (excluding studio gear) to $4.9 million (including all studio gear, i.e. computer, DAW, all microphones (including high-end Neumann digital mics), monitors, all outboard and instruments, including a Yamaha CF III concert grand piano and a drum kit modeled after Steve Gadd’s. At a quarter of the cost of what a similar property would run in LA, it offers a stunning blend of serious music-making/recording, crisp clean air, rustic Northwestern Architecture, woodsy surroundings and stunning vistas of waterways and the Olympic Mountains, it’s the perfect retreat for serious artists looking for a calming, refreshing new lifestyle and an energized creative flow.   

A Quote From Rikki Swin: “The island is said to be the next Martha’s Vineyard, with Orcas swimming by in the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Located a half a mile from the closest neighbor, it’s perfect for musicians seeking a working and living environment with the peace of nature and no distractions. It’s all about the inspiration that comes over you when you’re on this property.”

Eclectic Lady Land Specs: Designed by the late, world-renowned studio designer and acoustical consultant Lawrence Swist, it’s an all-digital facility that takes a uniquely expensive approach to achieving crystal audio clarity, dispensing with analog gear and analog to digital converters (which don’t translate 100% encoding or decoding) in favor of an all-digital signal chain featuring top of the line Neumann digital mics and Genelec active monitors – a system that creates a superior signal to noise ratio. The floor and ceiling are “floating,” the walls and double doors have air gap separations and the acoustic panels (baffles) are on movable racks to allow for desired audio signatures. Included are a quadratic residue diffuser, bass trap and stealth soffits.

The Property: The studio facility nestles between the rustic wood and stone meets Gothic splendor and wild angles of the 5,558 sq. foot main house and the two-story 3,560 sq. foot guest house. The main house is a warm-hearted, vintage, custom-designed masterpiece out of Architectural Digest boasting a dazzling master bedroom/bath, an elegant dining room, a massive shelf lined workspace and classic styled, velvet chair filled sonically treated movie theatre down below. The guest house, once designated a five-star vacation rental, includes four bedrooms, a living room, kitchen, kitchenette, game room, huge dining table, breakfast area, computer desk, laundry room and elevated deck that looks out towards Haro Strait in the distance. Both houses are situated adjacent to a beautiful, tranquil, property centering pond usable for swimming in summer.     

Contact Rikki Swin, 360-298-4249