Chilling with Canning at The Echo


Brendan Canning is on a new musical journey in life, but this one is under his own name. With Emily Haines busy with Metric, the days of Broken Social Scene seem all but lost, although Canning’s new backing band does leave him with another blonde at his side.


Some things will never change but the new project is nothing to throw by the wayside.  Canning performed at The Echo in Los Angeles to promote his new album You Gots 2 Chill. During their set his band performed a cover of Drake’s "Coming Home" guided by an onslaught of guitar. "However Long" will take you on a journey with droning harmonies and synthesized melodies leading the way.


The blend of intricate, Zeppelin III-esque, guitar picking with Pink Floyd harmonies in "Post Fahey" and "Your Turn" carry the album and accomplish the very goal of his music and namesake of the album.  So sit down, listen up and chill with Brendan Canning’s promising new project.


Text by Bryan Kelly; Photos by Paula Tripodi

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