Beck and the Congos Bring Tunes to Union Station

Review by Jaden Allen

Photography by Paula Tripodi


Station to Station, a "Nomadic Happening" that has crossed the U.S. by train, made its second-to-last stop at Union Station Los Angeles around 8 p.m., on Thursday, Sept. 26th.

This "Nomadic Happening" is a cluster of eclectic artists, writers, filmmakers, photographers and creative folks grouped together by visionary Doug Aitken. And who better to headline this avant-garde art show with "two turn tables and a microphone" than Los Angeles own musical genius, Beck.


Beck dazzled with his idiosyncratic beats and a charming note that he used to "sit in Union Station and read as a kid until they kicked him out." He put together a unique performance backed by a gospel choir and featuring new song “Wake Up” on his set.

Union Station made for a captivating set with vintage coaches from the 1940s and '50s that displayed artwork amidst glowing tents of color and a dance party brought on by pre-Beck electronic Dan Deacon and reggae legends, The Congos.

The idea of this traveling art show is for creative types from all over the country to form an energy that cultivates collaboration through random encounters and forms a new art in itself. The show opened from Brooklyn in the beginning of September 2013, traveled across the nation, and is set to end in Oakland, CA.


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