AUDIX Microphones


Audix gives away the BP5-PRO Band Pack - 5 essential mics every band must have!

Audix, the industry leader in professional assortments of instrument mics, introduces another innovative concept to the market: The Band Pack. The BP5-PRO features a combination of VLM(tm) microphones designed to work in tandem for instruments and vocals in a live performance.

Every sound check begins with the kick drum making it the focal point for the rest of the mix; therefore, the D6 is the heart of the Band Pack system. The i5, excellent for snare drum, guitar cabs, bass cabs, and a wide variety of instruments, is an essential part of the Band Pack collection. For vocals, the OM2 and OM5 are included, with the OM5 being exceptional for a strong lead vocalist.

When a band or sound engineer chooses mics to deliver their sound, it is imperative that they choose well. The guesswork has been removed from this process as the top performing Audix professional microphones have been chosen for the BP5-PRO.



Aluminum road case

1 x D6 kick drum mic

1 x i5 snare / instrument mic

2 x OM2 lead/ backing vocal mics

1 x OM5 lead vocal microphone

List price is $775.