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Audio Perception wants to help you get a great recording with a studio bundle including products by Steven Slate and Radial Engineering. Retail Value $1200.

Recording at home can lead to lots of money saved and lots of time to work on your music, but what is the trade off?, the sound! All too often the end result sounds like it's been recorded at home. A studio bundle from Audio Perception can change all that and help you get the pro sounds you are looking for. In today's bundle we include a Radial Engineering J48 Active direct box, so you can record your guitar or bass using your favorite mic pre with crystal clear sound and full tone. For your drums there is a Slate Digital Trigger Platinum that will let you replace bad drum sounds with stellar studio samples of real drums. And for the final mix, a Slate Digital FGX mastering plugin. With the FGX you will be able to push your mixes up to levels heard on professional CD's, with no distortion and rich sound like you have never heard before. Your tracks with sound better than ever!



Audio Perception specializes in providing TV/film composers, musicians, producers, studio owners, and filmmakers with all their audio and technical needs. We draw on resources from four areas; audio engineering, technical engineering, design/consultation, and audio post production, to provide our clients with a full spectrum of audio and video services. Audio Perception offers great pricing on a full line of studio hardware, software, and studio computers, and backs it all up with a full service tech team that offers studio design, install and acoustics, custom wiring, updates and upgrades of your software and hardware, as well as instruction, remote tech support and much more. Once you connect with AP, you'll never need to go anywhere else. Combining our many years of experience, with the resources of our four divisions, Audio Perception strives to provide our clients with a perfect mix of audio and technical engineering.


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