Anything but a Nightmare

As someone that has seen Nightmare and the Cat five times in three different states, it’s safe to say that the quintet has a knack for keeping people entertained. In fact, the LA-based fivesome made up of brothers Sam and Django Stewart, Claire Acey, Spike Phillips and Scott Henson, has really come into their own since that very first performance that this reviewer had the pleasure of attending.


Now, before continuing this review, it needs to be said that expectations were high for the band, given that the show was their album release party for their debut full-length effort, Simple. The cats not only met expectations, but exceeded them, as they brought a high level of energy to the stage. Accompanied by artist Gary Baseman, who painted a perfectly whimsical-- is slightly off-kilter-- portrait of a girl holding the head of the band’s mascot as she rode along on the body, the five musicians gave the set their all.


What is most entertaining about Nightmare and the Cat’s set, aside from their obvious talent, is the band’s interactions with each other. The brother’s oft play off each other pushing and pulling in a way that shows their complete and total ease with each other. A particular moment in the night that stood out was when Sam, the elder Stewart, turned his attentions to Phillips and Henson, climbing atop the drum perch and sharing a smile with the two members. It was a spectacularly genuine moment that, while missed by those entranced by Django’s incredible stage presence, showed just how much the band truly enjoyed where they were.


By the end of the night, the stage had seen a spilt beer, the Nightmare and the Cat mascot, a handful of dancers and one costume change that culminated into a whimsical finale befitting of the indie-rock wonderland they created with their debut release.

Nightmare and the Cat’s album, Simple, is available now for purchase in stores and on iTunes.

Text and photos by Victoria Patneaude

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