10 Low-tech Low-cost Promotion Ideas


10 Low-tech Low-cost Promotion Ideas...And How To Measure Your Results!

1. Don’t underestimate the value of something free. Fans love free items, either as part of a package (for example, buy a CD and get a T-shirt free), part of a contest, or just being one of the first five fans to email. Sometimes items of seemingly little value have a wide appeal. Backstage passes, seats on stage, passes to the sound check, invites to a meet and greet and downloads of live songs are all prized by real fans.

2. Park a van or truck that has a banner on it across from a show of a similar act. Every fan entering or exiting the venue will be aware of you. It’s surprising that this isn’t done more since it works so well.

3. Free or low-cost entry to show “after parties.” This extends the show experience and rewards the true fan. These can be promoted along with the show, and even offered as a part of the ticket package. Of course, you have to have fans to begin with for this to work.

4. Instead of sending a “thank you” email to a promoter, writer, interviewer or just someone who’s done you a good turn, send a hand-written thank-you note by snail mail. You’ll be shocked at how well this works. It’s unusual, it’s sincere and it’s remembered. It’s also very likely to be seen since we’re all getting fewer and fewer snail mail items these days.

5. Consider asking your fans to help you with promo. That means asking them to put up flyers or send out emails. You can help this along by putting up a PDF of a poster or flyer online that your fans can download.

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