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    About 2 hours ago

  • Music Money Formula


    Music Money Formula is donating a one year Basic Membership worth $1200. Music Money Formula is an online course and membership program that teaches musicians how to make over $80K a year teaching private music lessons.


    About Music Money Formula

    Music Money Formula was created by Tim Guille, Owner of All Play Music, a successful Los Angeles based private music lesson company. Tim has consistently made over $100k per year through teaching private lessons. Tim created this intensive course & membership package complete with blueprints, downloadable forms, workbooks, scripts, “how to” videos and more. Most Music Money Formula grads are charging between $70 and $100 per lesson. This course is currently SOLD OUT, but Music Money Formula is making a single exception for this Friday Freebie.

    For more information and to get a FREE Music Money Formula quick start guide visit: