• Album Review: Capital Cities – In a Tidal Wave of Mystery


    tumblr_inline_mkrbslK3971qz4rgpIn a Tidal Wave of Mystery /  Lazy Hooks-Capitol Records / Producer: Capital Cities / Score:8 out of 10

    Capital Cities’ debut album is as beautifully powerful and majestically captivating as the title suggests. Ryan Merchant and Sebu Simonian keep their retro ‘80s electro-pop sound fresh with spurts of synth-laden beats, upbeat jazz tempos and smooth L.A. style (take the hip-swaying tune “Farrah Fawcett Hair,” featuring Outkast’s Andre 3000). Tracks like “Lazy Lies” and “Center Stage” offer danceable swag with a heavy dose of feel-good nostalgia. With sun-soaked summer days on the horizon, In a Tidal Wave of Mystery is a must for anyone’s “grooving on the rooftop bar, sipping on a drink” playlist (“Love Away” – check it out).

    –Danica Bellini